Sunday, June 04, 2006


To fall in love is to break down the boundaries that ego defines as essential to the the 'I'. To annihilate that which is selfish and evil and detrimental to the path of self-actualisation, is the doctrine of mystical self-abandonment, or as the Sufis say, fana'a. (Nicholson,RA).

Burning, annihilation. Consumed by the fire of longing to be One with the Beloved, the restless, unkempt lover is transformed into the phoenix of the real Love. The High Love that mystics aspire to. Beyond the delusion of the material world that chains us, there is the promise of something greater than imagination can conceive, and to which only the soul has the sense to be drawn. A knowing. Deep and profound. Breathed into souls from the Soul of the Universe. To be carried as a legacy along the journey into eternity. In search of the Divine. The return to the Destination, a rare dream. A hope. A yearning. Life a Journey. A searching. And a Finding.

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