Monday, July 10, 2006

Life Lessons

We are told, pretty early on in life.. that life is a reel of lessons.. but its only once we begin to play the script out that we can really grasp some semblance of what this might mean..
Lessons in patience and tolerance, compassion, forgiveness, overcoming anger and resentment and guilt and shame and all that may be catagorized under self-defeating or self-depracating emotions. The theory is overwhelming. The practical detail even more so. But we trudge on, making the most of the human experience.. wondering doe-eyed in suspence, at what lies just around the corner, and all the while trusting implicitly in the Will of the Divine. We live, and we learn.
Keep breathing. Everything else is a bonus!


zee said...

wow! i loved this little post. But do you think most people actually contemplate these conflicting emotions and lessons that we learn or do they just trudge on, hoping to make it through one day at a time?

Do ppl actually reason out and see lifes events as lessons which are to be used later in life or do they just see them as events that happen without truly realising the consequences they hold for the future?

kimya said...

hi zee..

i cant imagine that a person could go thru life in its entirety without at least once wondering what its all about. Askin just one question..WHy? Heartbreak, Earthquake, Standing on the edge of a pier and feeling really smalll at the foot of the ocean? If there is nothing in life that brings some lingering and or momentary question out, then we're as sure as the walkin dead!

Lol..i dont think that eVERyone over-analyses though..that often destructive trait has been reserved for a select few such as yours truly :P

Of course,there are those afflicted souls who lack any form of rationable consequence sensors if u like.. people who avoid or are incapable of taking moral responsibility..but im willin to bet that a dysfunctional psyche is accompanied by a tortured and tormented soul. So my point is that its definitely felt or experienced by some level of being,- mental, physical,emotional, and or spiritual. Lessons are unavoidable,-in my opinion, this is something about which to be deeply grateful..and from wat i can gather..if u miss the lesson,it tends to repeat itself..
May Allah have Mercy on our Souls.