Friday, October 06, 2006

City of Djinns

is a book im reading at the moment...

by William Dalyrample..

a story about the year he spent living in Delhi



mish said...

fascinating & creepy :)

Ruby :) said...

I" ve heard of this book. A friend of mine read it a while back, and could'nt stop raving about it..I think i should get myself a copy.. thanks for reminding me!!!

kimya said...

Im totally revelling in it! part of the stash i brought in from when i was out in Delhi in July/Aug this year..
Will review as soon as im thru, and in a way that doesnt spoil it for future readers :)

its Dalrymple, btw. I got the spelling of his name wrong in the main post. Too lazy to go back and edit :P