Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am the slave...

God knows you under any cover
He hears your unspoken words.
Everyone is tempted
by the eloquence of speech,
but I am the slave of
the master of silence.
*Jelaluddin Rumi*


queen_Lestat said...

silence is often the most powerful poetry.

kimya said...

hey there:)

i totally agree..silence is..
but its maStery is a thing of rare talent!

mish said...

hi :)

started reading the life & work of rumi, have you read it?

kimya said...


iv read variations.. depends on which one ur reading.. i also have Treasured Writings, Stories from the Mathnavi, Whispers of the Beloved, Hidden Music, Gardens of the Beloved, and the Complete Mathnavi. Among others..

coincidentally, Kimya was the name of Rumi's adopted daughter ;)