Sunday, May 06, 2007

Book of Faces

Walking the path a mundane traveller seeking none

except the ordinariness of dreary entertainment

on a bleak lack-lustre weekend,

I came upon the Hall of Fame

that was meant to transform

a Life of simple-mindedness

into a discovery of never-ending

mirrors of Soul and Self

I traversed the hallways

went down one pathway and up another,

all the while delighting in the reflections in

countless mirrors that lined my walking journey

Colours and smiles and lanky nuances

looking back at me

some mocking, others encouraging

all familiar as my own skin

This hall of fame, these faces

Three dimensions become two

in this virtual book

A Book of Faces

myself a newfound addict

to this thing,

this facebook.



Anonymous said...


kimya said...


saaleha said...

an ode to facebook:)
oh my, you have fallen.

Anonymous said...


thats funny dudette!

now whwere are you to be found besides the book of facies?

diatribe said...


well i see you have managed to fall victim addicte' to a new trend! what ever happended to the trendsetting ways! hows the diamonds...

kimya said...

oh goodness! i have fallen!


Anonymous said...

where u lost?

come on out and make a NOISE


kimya said...

noise comes in numerous colours :)

iv been painting rainboWs JT!



zee said...

today is the first day i had a serious look at facebook...not sure i understand it 100% just yet...but ive just changed the alias ive used on it to my real name because as i now understand, it has a networking purpose to it as well...*sigh* another thing to maintain :(