Saturday, June 30, 2007

Light and Darkness...

Light and Darkness,
Love and Fear,
Expectations and Disappointments
Belief and Disbelief..

These are all part of the perfect circularity of life..

And we whirl in ecstacies and agonies of choice, all the while drowning deeper in the sensual whirlpool of destiny :)

And in the interplay of light and dark,
the colours mesmerize us, entice us, beguil us
and we blend and melt into the mix, to be one with all of existence.
The Universe. Eternity. In the image of His Beautiful Creation.
And we surrender, only then, to all that Love can be.


SingleGuy said...

You are Shafinaaz.

The wheel does turn.

Anonymous said...

Been a while since you wrote a poem. Thank You Kimmy!


diatribe said...

Reminds me of Things Fall Apart.. the Spiral.. not cos of the meaning.. but cos of the movement of your words etc etc.. imagery and motion.. poetry in motion! powerful stuff as always!

kimya said...

@SG: Cryptic Clues :P

@JT: has been a while :)

@diatribe: Thank You!

verbosity said...



hi there, soul-poet!

Anonymous said...

circles! u luv ur circles...

hope to God ur life is a perfect circle of goodness!