Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Cycle of Birthing

Lifes manyfold cycles are pretty incredible. When one stops to think of the myriad miracles that dot our path – and I am not just speaking of the bright shiny blinding moments of tear-filled joys – I mean the everyday mundanesses that carry us from the beginning to the end. How many times does one get to be born. Conception, the time span in the womb, birth.. growth.. feeling and finding ones way through the maze of life.. all forms a pattern of rebirthing, growing.. and extending ones reach into the greater expanse of life the journey. But then the big question arises: how much time in the womb? And who decides. This nagging question has just been planted in my seeded mind from the birth of my baby sisters own little baby. The new arrival to our family, a pink bundle of sweetness, was born just a day ago on the 21 July 2007 weighing in at a tiny 2.1kg and at just 35 weeks. She arrived without fuss, within the hour of her stunned parent’s arrival at the hospital at 5:45am. Even the OBG seemed pretty flabbergasted. Stories of her speedy delivery reverberate through the hallways all day, and I presume will continue for a great many years ahead, setting the trend for her socialization. Her scientific ETA nicely sidelined by destiny. Her entry into the world thus announced! It seems she had had enough of the comfort zone and it was truly time to get out and make some noise! So then this brings me back to my question: as far as living in the comfort zone goes.. when exactly is it time to make it out into the real world? Or the next phase as it may be. This is my newest challenge. A rebirth required, most fervently. And a more than gingered step into the great unknown!


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oh congrats aunty shafs! she lovely!