Monday, August 27, 2007

Mommies and Babies

I chatted to another writer recently.. and she said to me.. that her writings are far too personal and she cant let it out there.. and i remembered my own thoughts on Daughters and how i stressed about puttin stuff out there.. and thoughts of a dear and published friend who had similar thoughts two years ago before her book was released and again recently when another female writer friends stuff was due to be released (in fact its been released this week!) and they all had these mixed feelings.. anxieties and what not. Like little mommies. Letting the babies out into the big bad world. Allowing the crawling child to run on ahead and make strides.. watching as these babies fall and scrape their knees only to jump back on their feet again and keep moving.. running with absolute glee and much delight! such is life and as we've heard before: work (writing) is love made visible and love is proven in the letting go :)

"rambling thoughts on being a mommy to the written product"

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