Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yes. This is officially the 100th post at memoirs4kimya. The Soapbox. It all started just over two years ago. I stepped into this inknown sphere of the blog, gingerly felt my way around.. diarised thoughts, and hopes and fears.. rambled on about just about anything that took my fancy.. and found some fellow bloggers dabbling in little bits of their own stuff here, there and everywhere. An experience, transformed, from the one-dimensional to many more. Blogging Divas, Truths and Dares.. thus labeled.

Much has happened in a short two years. And yet, this is only the beginning in so many ways. Kimya has resumed to be Shafinaaz, just as Shafinaaz gladly veiled temporarily behind the mysterious facade of Kimya.. Much can be gleamed from that collaboration.. about the essence of kimyashafinaaz. A revelation of identity, spirituality and inspirational discourse. And flowing imagery of the landscapes of thought and process in the overlapping strata of various aspects of my life. Writer, artist, daughter, sister, philosopher, sociologist, friend.. these are just some of the colours of still fresh paint making their way dripping down the canvas of what life has yet to offer. And another 100 posts, perhaps? Heres to that!

With Words of Love


Dreamlife said...

Hey Shafs

Congrats on the century...or as they'd call it in cricket, a "ton" - which doesn't make sense become a ton is a thousand, not 100. but anyway, mathematics aside, thank u for sharing over the 2 years and 100 posts. i hope your words and whatever else inspires many, and that you'll be an inspiration to others, as u were to me to get my writing started again.

all the best
me :)

diatribe said...

Happy 100th!

Anonymous said...

hey kim

heres to a hundred more :-)


KimyaShafinaaz said...


@ DL: thanks u! inspiration is never just a one-way road.. theres purpose in inspiring and being inspired! i guess thats the beauty of it all :)
heres to forever being inspired by the written word! all the best, my friend :)

@ diatribal dude:
lol.. thanks ;) i feel ancient :P

@ JT: hear hear! ;)

The Organ Harvester said...

Howdy Howdy

Well congrats dear. You should tell people it's 100 quality posts. Not arb random like certain harvester blogs we know about...

KimyaShafinaaz said...

oh.. theres quality in arb random too.. in fact, thAts precisely where quality lies.. in the not so contrived.. non-apologetic.. say it like it is type of writing methinks..

harvest season is here to stAy :P
see u at the fest/?!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to drink to that!


Anonymous said...

Happy 100 posts Kimya / Shafs :)

Thank you for all your little scoops of thoughts

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey sweet-e fatima!

scoops makes me think iCe-crEam :)


heres to that in myriad flavours!

mwah ;)

Saaleha said...

Congrats Shafs. May there be hundreds more, many hundreds ;P
btw, how are things going with The Book?

Anonymous said...

hello one hundred!

thats grreat!