Thursday, January 17, 2008

On PowerCuts, Vanity writing and Four-Way Crossing Ettiquette

I am riding a wave of sorts this evening. Not getting sleep. Bobbing about on an ocean of emotions. Not turmoil, nothing unpleasant. Just life, you know. Ok maybe not. I promised myself this one post to be as non-cryptic as possible. A clear slate and refined, deliberate effort and making sense of the person within. And I can already see how its going to fall flat on its face. Sigh.

Its true. I am cryptic. As a writer. Which makes me not very adept at engaging a larger audience. And to make matters worse, I often catch myself saying cryptic things in everyday speech. I mean who says things like erm. I forget but it was a word I made up during a radio interview a few days ago. I made up a hyphenated two word sentence that meant something, sure.. but wasnt conventional use of normally spoken language. See. SOmething like that. Unadulterated it was not. Sigh. Here we go again. I shudder to think of the musings of me when Im blissfully old and senile. Save the world! I beseech you/thee. Lol. Ok so now Im just being pretentious. This is kinda fun actually. An arb post. Vanity in arbitrariness. That too.

We've been shopping for gifts this past two days; my brother's getting engaged this Sunday, kinda suddenish because the protocol has been observed (formal proposal was Sunday past, and formal 'answer' will be given amidst festivities this coming weekend. So, that means Shafs is in charge of shoe-shopping. Yay! One for me and one for you, and one for me and one for yOu, and one for me... lol.. works out like the marie biscuit advert of old, only far more satisfying! That and the fact that Sandton's got 50% markdowns for the end of season sales! And so we get to Sandton today at just after 3pm (and lunch at Nando's in Randburg).. and theres a power outage. Everything is in darkness. Stores are shut, people are shuffling by and security personell are looking shifty and nervy. The financial hub of the country is spluttering. Outside traffic is ambling along like a trail of livestock without a shepherd. And classic FM soothsayers cheerfully chirp their prediction that by 2012 we should be quite adept at four-way crossing ettiquette! Right.


M Junaid said...

read your post until i came to the key word - nandos - then i lost my train of thought :)

Ta^KiLLa said...

Being a 'cryptic' person as such means u challenging..

Thats from a programmers point of view (and i would know)..

Load shedding is Eskoms way of showing that Telkom is doing a good job..

That marie biscuit ad was a classic..

2012 is pushing it dont u think.. Most specimens that infest our roads still need to understand the concept of using indicators..

Brilliant early morning reading..

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ MJ.. lol.. been ages since i ate at nandos randburg.. used to mostly when i was on campus and we went out that way for what was then the waterfront etc.. dont do randburg all too often anymore.. yesterday was like an excursion, shoppin in fourways then making our way to the rural sandton in candlelight.. sigh!

@ ta killa.. dont kno if im allowed to ref to you as per ur real name considerin ur rather cryptic choice of nic :P
just as we heard the report on classic or was it highveld.. the traffic report tends to switch over regardless of what ur listenin to.. we were on rivonia road tryin to navigate through a confused stream of traffic.. erratic drivers (indicator lights? whats that, dude?!!!) ppl are afraid of using them cos they probly think it eats battery power! or something..

well.. they said 2012. im hopin thats all it is..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

Believe ir or not, this was quite a refreshing read. Simply written like a day in the life of KS. Like you painted something to show people. Sometimes your poems are like Picasso. Sometimes like Dali. Sometimes like untitled. Todays one says WYSIWYG!!!


da diatribe said...

yoh! this one totally wicked. like the traffic of sheep thing being led to a kraal. only thing missings is the machine gun song on classic fm! hehehe

shafs said...

lol.. iv actually had one or two untitled hey!.. yea.. what you see is what you get :) nice one. thanks!

diatribal: its all to the kraal we go!

The Organ Harvester said...

cryptic is cool, aS long as you're not in bed, who has the time these days i tell you.
congrats to your bro.

as for blackouts it's amazing, how accepting we've become. i think we need a stoning. a a nice public exercise in relieving frustration. should act as an incentive. hey the ceo of escrime (eskom) would has to earn his bonus this year.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Hey OH.. hmm.. we SAfricans are a bunch of wimps when it comes to complaining! sigh.. accept of course if we choose to stand behind anon labels and throw stuff about. Largely unproductive. Load Shedding sounds serious and deep and important. What it is really, is a Failure of Power. That spells Beeg Failure at all levels of Hierarchy. Power is failing in huge ways. And if we dont like it. We need to SAY SO. Really. Otherwise, ThEy wOn't ever kNow!
yEP. and then we will be towing the country on donkey cart or horse drawn carriage (back to horse power of ancient rhyme) or whatever. Beyond 2013. (Oh and how romantic if 2010 games get played by candlelight!) History is about to be made. Again. Remade rather. Revisited. Yes, thats the word I was looking for. We're going back. Hopefully not for good!