Thursday, March 06, 2008

a word about Durban

I think that I am in love. With Durban. I mean, I know that I miss home and especially miss my loved ones.. and that there's tons of festivities going on what with my brother's wedding coming up at the end of the month; but of course, I have been well kept in the loop, consulted and briefed on goings on, and doing my bit on this side as best I can. The little girlie sillinesses and such sentiments tend to overtake the psyche now and then, at odd moments at around two a.m when I would much rather be having a midnight snack with my brother or ambling past my dad's study to delve in the delights of book territory; but then Durban is also turning out to be an all-embracing place of wonder and opportunity and feel-good energy. And to think that I havent been to the ocean much. Its the air. And the people, my students, my Durban family who graciously fill my daily coffers with smiles and love and blessings and all things sweet and nurturing. The driving language is still much cause of amusement, to say the least; and apprehension when you consider the close call I had yesterday, when traffic lights stopped working - yes, Durban folk dont have a CLUE about fourway crossing ettiquette! Not One. So I have angels watching over me. I was reminded yesterday. Sigh. But in a word, I Love Durban. The weather is awesome! Sunshine leaves a glowing pink on my cheeks at the start of everyday kisses, and the smell of the ocean during my evening walk/jogs fills me with a silent promise of soul enrichment. Rolling Ridge Road has seduced me, finally. Fuel consumption peaks when I traverse its undulations, sinfully and gleefully. Its all worth the ride to work. Life is filled with enthusiasm. And I am inspired, no doubt.


Sofi said...

i love this piece:) you write so beautifully. i've driven to envy!

Dreamlife said...

i also don't know what to do at a four way least i didn't, and have now been told.

maybe it's a DUrban thing - or maybe just forgot as soon as I passed my learners'.

Anyway, glad you're enjoying it so much there. There is something refreshing about living in a different place for a while. Your heart always remains attached to your home, but you grow attached to the new place too. It's like a new beginning, and opportunities to break a routine, be different, grow beyond the limitations you had previously imposed upon yourself in your old physical environment.

what exactly are you teaching there, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Your car purrs and roads seduce you. Interesting.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ JT - I feel life :)

@ sofi - thank you for the kind compliment... i ramble mostly; and quite cryptically :/

@ dreamlife - Its a Durban Thing. Trust me. I mean, who breaks to a complete halt when gettin onto the highway/freeway? Jhbs faster and stressful with lotsa traffic but its flow is efficient and ordered in that people move over the right if they see cars coming onto the freeway; in Durban they just keep on their merry way, oblivious to all and sundry and you've gotta stop to deadness until theres a space to move. And theres the bare minimum of cars! Inconsiderate they are. And just plain silly mostly. Fourway crossing in these loadshedding times is a NIGHTMARE> I wish I could draw diagrams. Sigh. But the traffic just keeps moving unordered and chaotic and selfishly to boot. Or they're just not thinking at all. We were discussing this phenomena in the Social Science staffroom. Lol. Can u imagine!

M Junaid said...

please remove word verification! as it is you have comment moderation enabled so you can delete occasional spammers.

anyway - i agree about the four way stop thing - now that i use the freeway, i have to say - traffic sucks!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

traffic.. well in jhb its cos of numbers and here its a whole different dynamic :P

::: SPEEDY ::: said...

All of you guys should appreciate and 'embrace' the traffic with all its loadshedding problems.Live in Dubai for a few weeks and experience true road carnage / road rage / traffic and everything else....Viva South African traffic and all the road issues..

Waseem said...

I don't think the traffic is bad as Joburg, Joburg drivers have maniac tendencies. I don't think I could survive driving in Joburg, I would be too paranoid.

Durban is home, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ speedy; amazing how being away can bring out the nostalgic patriot :P but yea, mid-east aggro on the roads is awhole other bag of stuff!

@ waseem: u will not survive. ur from durbs. fulllstop. altho, mj drives just fine. and his from durbs. *shrugs*

girlingreen said...

you must be in love with the weather. or the ocean. yes! its the ocean. the magic. the embrace. the lure. in the air. and in the words you speak.

hope the guys are hot!

girl in green

r said...

Awww im in love with Durban too! I love the energy, the vibe, the colours and cultures and happy awesomeness of the people :)