Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Women of Words...

I presented a Women of Words Workshop, today, as a guest of the La Lucia Library and Bookclub. To say the least,it was aweinspiring and incredulous in the energy and participation of the women there, as well as in the kinds of feedback that I was able to engage. Theres a world of philosophers in our midst, that we need to be able to bring out of hiding. Beyond that, words fail me, pretty much, and I am almost beginning to make a habit of unfinished posts..

Last night, I attended the launch of Betty Govinden's 'A Time of Memory', and was greatly inspired by the literary vibe generated there,too. The book is an analysis of the writings and memory-documentations of Aziz Hassim, Zuleikha Mayet, Imraan Coovadia, Sitha Gandhi and Daryl Accone. Theres just so much going on in this world of narrative, what with each of us creating our serious slices of fiction and colour; its a wonder that the trajectories of time and place are simply lauded as fourth dimension rhetoric. We may be missing the real appreciation of the finest details right before our eyes.

I feel a story brewing. I think it will be a love story, this time. It doesnt have to have a happy ending. It will just be haunted as my mind is, by Lady's words, to the effect that, there are many mediocre things in life, and love shouldnt be one of them.

Here's to greatness, deepness, realness. Here's to truly living life.

With eternal appreciation for inspiration



Dew_drops said...

Aw, it sucked that I couldn't make it for this!

You know I think you should come for the English seminars on Monday I go to. Im sure you will also enjoy those. This week a Phd student spoke about her proposed research project - looking at the urban spaces of Durban and their shape especially with regard to the Grey street mosque area and especially with regard to Imraan Coovadia's 'The Wedding'.Next weeks the last one for the semester though:(

KimyaShafinaaz said...

awww... it turned into a bit of an aunty session (god bless small towns) with the rhetoric of: 'and now we must find you one nice boi to settle down with, ma'..lol

kewl.. will attend the last seminar with u, just be sure to remind me,k :)