Friday, July 18, 2008

Inside Khalida's head

"Its easy to get married". Those were his words to me. At this point, you know tons of people, or rather at any point you do, and then you decide on whose the one suited to a profile of sorts and you go ahead. Note, he means a general 'you'. Sigh. I disagree. I still want magic and sparks and chemistry; but then I also want this package of guarantees you know. Like someone with staying power. When the going gets rough. Like someone who goes beyond everyday romance (nothing wrong with white roses, guys!). Like someone who will be a shade from those mundane storms of life. Not just some arb (good) person whose hunting for a wife, and the one that says 'yes' will do. Not that. Pretty faces fade, so then it has to be about essence of person. How do people read spiritedness? Do they even? Somehow, it was difficult to believe that people looked beyond the sea of pretty faces and delved deeper into the energies; realising all the while, that the wrong connection could condemn one to a life of lament. Or maybe it was that I was accustomed to thinking too far ahead? Is this where life had brought me to? So many questions, but I knew the answer lay right before me. Hovering in my wake state, haunting in my dreams. The culmination of everything past and hoped for. I know the saying, be careful what you wish for, it may come true. I was wishing anyway. It just took shaking the contradictions of a recent past, and taking that step ahead with certainty in the blessings of the divine blueprint of life. And what would be, would be.

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