Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Durbans always eventful, often arb

And so last night I attended premiering of Mission Istanbul, saw the Oberoi character in the flesh and a rather well-tailored suit, unlike in the movie; and got home again to perform rituals of hot chocolate and evening handshakes with the goldfish who have replaced me, namely lindt and mint. But of course, its all in good faith, and so today was more refueling of the sunshine tank :) Interesting how a trip to the mall can turn pretty spontaneous and awesome at the same time. And so it did, in good ol fashioned kiddy fun style at Milky Lane. Must be the weather.
Waffles, anyone? Imagine, having political and philosophical debate with two reknowned thinkers of the east coast, over waffles and creme soda floats. Yep, it was the weather!

I am begining to enjoy these random short posts.
They delve into daily life more than my cryptic (or maybe not so cryptic) rambling philosophies about everymans guide to absolutely nothing.

So this is value-driven :P

Or something.


M Junaid said...

i prefer pancakes to waffles

im just a stone with a pebble to my left and a rock to my right. How i wish I was a Boulder.

But something inside tells me that its good to be a stone

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hmm. a rolling stone :P

Anonymous said...

I like short posts