Sunday, August 10, 2008

Experiments.. Writing 1st person - present

I look the hijacker in the eye. I am not afraid. I am the one with the gun. I have read and heard people talk of a scant few minutes seeming like an eternity. This moment might be just one or two. I will never know for certain. But the energy between us is noisy almost. Eye to eye. Soul to soul. His eyes reveal the uncertainty in my hands. The lack of fear makes me feel oddly numb. I have never held a gun before. I marvel at the strange sense of power I feel. I savour it. Until my eyes reconnect with the unspoken words of this other human being. Two people suspended in a moment in time. The attacker and the attacked. The predator and the hunted. A finger fumbles the trigger. I feel like the victim as the gunshot echoes in my ears.


Anonymous said...

Given the moment, would you be able to pull a trigger? Guns can be daunting


KimyaShafinaaz said...

I cannot say for sure.. offhand, I would say no..
But I have had the experience of having a gun in my face. Felt nothing. Just numb. And it all happened really quickly. But the whole time, the reality was a distraction- more a concern for my father's safety; he was being beat up and i couldnt do or say a thing...
I should write tht one up.. was so long ago.. 2001 maybe