Monday, August 18, 2008

ok now im just clowning around...

It was almost comical the way she did it. She squinched her nose in the mirror, rolled her eyes and then pouted her lips in that way fish do. Then came the sounds, the carnival tunes, the muffled voices of children's laughter and the glorious feel of the crowds applause. Deafening. Exciting. But it also filled her with a familiar dread.

And yet, this was her chosen ritual to calm her nerves before she took to the catwalk.

Her mom had been queen of the trapeze. Until that fateful day when she fell to her death. Her own life wasn't anything less of a circus act. The same anxiety. The same thrill. The applause and the adrenalin seemed to feed off each other. Fueling fear and delight at the same time. It was her rendezvous with heroine that kept it all in balance. Just like those glamorous trapeze artists.


desert demons said...

I love the way you started this post.

Isn't it amazing that when we are most nervous or stressed we resort to the silly sounds and faces we used to make as kids. Its almost like comfort food, but better!

After the long day that I've had, I'm going to stand in front of my mirror, crossing my eyes, tongue sticking out, and making croaking noises! ;-) THat's sure to take the creak out of my neck!


KimyaShafinaaz said...


thats a nice way of putting it