Saturday, August 30, 2008

ramadaan kareem

Its that time of year again. Pre-Ramadaan. Johannesburg is abuzz with activity, shoppers are filling up on sweets and savouries and the hype of all things spiritual. Relatives are holding dinners and lunches and teenyboppers are making their way to the bowling alleys and movies for last minute stocking up on entertainment they might not get to partake in over the next month or so. I wont get into the discussion regards that whole abstenance thing. Theres lines in the sand in every game of make belief that life is made up of.. and we all draw them and even draw upon them when it best suites us. But, undoubtedly, theres an essence about the mental and menial preparation for this upcoming few weeks that I look forward to. Theres something to be said about the spirit of unity, the glint of a yearning for redemption perhaps, and the fortitude that awaits in a notion of having our demons chained someplace in the oceans darkest depths. Aah, the promise of free spiritedness. The promise of freedom to do and be soul content and fulfilled as such. The promise within the choice to abstain from the desires of ego. The licence to fly light. The reason we need to be seated with the joy of our souls. Maybe, just maybe.. Thats all it takes.

Heres wishing you and yours beauty in the search for spirit..

Ramadaan Kareem..

With love..


desert demons said...

are our demons ever really chained?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

good question..