Friday, August 01, 2008

Scripting, Writing, Being

The Durban Film Fest is on. And I found time to see Frozen. Chilling. A sterile warmth in the lack of colour, and yet enough colour in emotion implied. Enough of that. I attended an interesting scriptwriters workshop today. And im quite enthused by the creative energy, courage and inspired vision shared there. And I got to take in whiffs of ocean breeze. And I heard that Vivek Oberoi's shoot has ended. The one that had things blowing up over NMR bridge within view of our apartment. And so we can sleep without the sound of 'copters slashing through the air. etc. Aah, Durban.

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M Junaid said...

I'm free tomorro for a bit so i'm prob going to catch pilgers documentary. I attended a bit of a workshop last thursday.