Thursday, September 18, 2008

wisdom's from a guru

I have a guru.
I chat to her. Now and then.
Lucky me :)
So, we had this chat. And since I am acutely aware of dialogue of late, I know Ive said this over and over.. this is a slice of that cake... Without the frosting.

the sweet wise guru-ji: We need to know the depth of supporting ppl in helpin them let go instead of just forcing it..

Kimya: good point

G: i wonder how this world would work if we could have lived like that..

K: like?

G: if we could be open to the idea that we will love more than one person... and when its time to leave the nest.... that we take responsibility to make an empowering exit

K: thats amazing

K.. So, if life is a series of stories that we're creating..

G: yeah we're creating meaningful empowering endings
that are actually beginnings

K: so how do we do this?
and whose to say by empowering others u wont end up draining yourself?

G: i think we only drain our selves when u get caught in this drama that there isnt enuf to go around
havin said that.... its also about how we understand the things we will and will not do like when we begin 2 stress a point bcos we rly want the other person to get it
then its not abt the empowern anymore its abt.... this point
that just has to cum across the way we want it to-
often ppl only get the point dependn on where they are at.

K: thats a lot of data..

..Ok so i wasnt very chatty..


Anonymous said...

This is lost on me. Empowering what? Oh and is she cute?


KimyaShafinaaz said...

She is :)

greengirlie said...

This is interesting. What brought about the discussion?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

loving, leaning, letting go, and learning...

lots of little stuff

KimyaShafinaaz said...

and a collage of stories, some colliding with each other.. its quite uncanny.. a mosaic of life