Friday, November 14, 2008

choices and minds

We all make our choices, she said

You made yours, and I made mines...

Aah, but... the point is that they are choices!

Indeed, she said. Choices, made. But led, by circumstance.

Choices still! he said.

She sighed.

I read your note with great interest, he said.

Yes? said she.

Yes. he said.

Made up your mind then, she said.

Yes. he said.

I see. So what? she said.

You tell me. said he.

I guess there's nothing more. she said.

Nothing? said he.

Yep. Choices, remember? she said.

You made yours. And I did too. Choices and minds are binding things, said she.

Aah? he quizzed.

Ah-ha! said she.


Azra said...

Choices...the ingredients to life's mess :)...or the ingredients to so much more? Our minds are our perceptions...I can't trust my perceptions these days *Sigh*

KiLLa said...

Reminds me of that Eminem song..

Guilty Conscience

"these voices, these voices"

In context of various choices

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ azra, its worth questioning motives and perceptions all the time... but its also worth trusting instinct.. im just learning about that... mwah!

@ killa, oh yes! awesome link made there... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

well... sometimes the only choice some people make is NO choice... they opt for cowardly indecisiveness or to wallow in doubt and stupidity... I'm thinking that instinct is a very handy thing for separating da men from da boys, da firemen from the arsonists (clever that one, don't you think : ), and the real heros from the imaginery ones... and its the choices people make that help us do this !

Anonymous said...

choices are wierd things kimmy. is this real speech or part of your fiction?

greengeisha said...

I love Eminem too!

rinnn---nngg---innngggg in my ears.

this is so final and deadly, shafs.
you should have relayed the accusations rather. but then, you right about circumspect choices. walk on, walk on. there's no looking back. the road ahead is filled with the sound of music!!!

goodishgreengeishagirl said...

why you not posting my last comment? anyway i think the word is allayed not relayed. i think thats what i wrote.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

cc --i love the metaphors hun! miss u much! my bro met sultan this weekend, btw :P

anon -- hi.

gg --the sound of music, hey... aah its a sign.. i should join a rock band! my fluey voice should get me lead female vocalist! (u can thank that trusty crystal ball for me) lol. mwah.