Tuesday, November 04, 2008

deuce juice

I am reluctant...
fundamentally flawed by the curse
of a day gone by.

the end.

and the beginning, a bitter reminder
of some inner longing
reduced to a case of ulcer
and putrid

what with the price all so shaky at the moment,
the oil-rich look less shiney
and the starved look somewhat
a trendy artists grunge inspiration.

aah, the pathos of
a new condition
regurgitated from the machine
of an over-worked mind
and a rather battered muse;

with a juicy social consciousness squeezed from
the-eye-half-closed to wrongs,
an airy fairy soul still struggles
to cling onto
plastic wrap
and staples
in the hope that the competitive edge will
inspire the one to entice suffocation
or the other to slice
wrists damned by
the clerks

for now, head-to-head
are dreams reduced to deuce
with so much work
still left
to do.


Azra said...

See, this is why you're the talented one in this relationship :D...

That procrastination is coming along beautifully :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...


i have a feeling that your love of forensics and your zest for written expression is rubbing off on me. im the lucky 1 :)

erm, btw is that a magic wand ur holding? :P

greengeisha said...

I Love When You Get into These Poetry Moods, KS :)

Anonymous said...

I tend to like the poems that I least understand.


M Junaid said...

i Have no idea what youre on about dude

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hmm, i tell u wat.. when i figure it out, will def let u know :P

was just humoring the muse...

qk said...

i too don't quite get this one, but i like it nonetheless ;)

KimyaShafinaaz said...