Thursday, November 06, 2008

misplaced intentions

these can get so twisted:
intentions, misplaced

like a set of keys;

leaving just a bitter
of the ringing
they made as they
from the wardens hands,

and a cold
of the day i strode
across the stone floor
of that
castle of promises.

bitter and cold;

this handful of
misplaced intentions
remind me just
of temporariness
and my own mortality.


Saaleha said...

Good stuff. Love the misplaced keys bit. Hope the novel progresses all ...novel :)

greengeisha said...

doll, i like the sound of keys... jingle jingle jangle... looks like i found them for you! hehe

charouchick said...

I reckon the thing with intentions is that they are either good or bad... perhaps they become misplaced when the outcome of a situation goes a bit haywire.... but we usually act out of some deep conviction....can we consider deep convictions as being misplaced ones.?..sowwy, jus being a devil's advocate...

Azra said...

Darling...sometimes I think I misplaced my whole life...still searching for it :D theres a wake up call.

Loving it xoxoxo

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ saaleha.. novel progress is a novel feat. lol.. thanks.

@ gg.. what on earth would i do without you, hmm?

@ cc.. lucky devil :P

@ azra.. i figure, whats misplaced can be easily replaced. just get something nice and comfy, tailor made.. easy peasy! and its all good. yea, mortality is that one thing that defines the journey.