Thursday, February 12, 2009

its the day i was born

i don't think that i have ever written a post on my birthday. usually there's a stream of pre-birthday reflection and a kind of after the day report. but today, i am so overwhelmed by the celebration of me that i feel like writing right now. i don't know what exactly i wish to write. yes. words fail me. but details matter and so i will begin my little exploration of this birth anniversary. i just had dinner with my parents tonight. it was a wonderful moment frozen in time in which to discuss and share the reason for their aging: their eldest daughter just got one year older, of course! i am eternally grateful for moments like these. i want to feel and embrace the joy that rushes through me; most of all... i want to make conscious choices to choose the joy when fear threatens to rule me.

i know. these are starting to sound like a bunch of resolutions. but they're really purposeful stratagems for days well lived... just a wee bit ahead of time ;)

i don't want to write about the day i was born, as such. i think i'll save that for my grandkids to hear about. you know, sitting around a fire someplace, not reading off grandma's dusty old blog. some things should be kept that way: old and tangible. i think i'm getting that way too. or tending towards it. not old, just tangible :P

beyond that i am thrilled to be surrounded by all this love and light. my day is full, and i am content.


emancipatingmymind said...

Content is the best feeling there is :)

Happy Birthday and May your future see all your dreams turn into reality and May contentedness (is this a word) be your shadow

emancipatingmymind said...

Happy Birthday!

contentment is the best feeling ever.

May your future see all your dreams come true and May Contentedness ( is this a word) be your shadow

Azra said...

You? Born? You sure?

I somehow thought that an Angel delivered you from one of his wings :D

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks Emmy :)

comments are moderated so they only appear after i clear them..
i leave u to decide which message stays in if at all, which one goes... i like the double thread tho..:P

azra... angel, u were busy so they had to send me thru the normal way ;)

Nafisa said...

Hey Shaf, happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it - this is what happens when you deactivate your Facebook profile!

Hope you had a good one.

americanising desi said...

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY now how can you not post a big one for your birthday... whooosh whooosh i am movin my wand and here is me sprinkling all the goodness and charm!! :D

you have something about you that makes me go hoola hoola!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

thanks nafisa! we should get together sometime.. will be nice :)

desi-gal: when i read the comment, i thought... sounds like someone i know.. but i dnt recognise the handle.. hmm.. it iS u! lol... i was right :P