Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lunch with Kathy & Ms C

These interview sessions are taking me down a path of memory recollections that lead off into some of the darkest sinews of the human mind. Most of them are rooted in conflict and struggle; some thrived on tiny snippets of hope and almost always thirsted for compassion. Of course, there was very little to be found.

Ahmed Kathrada was tried along with hundreds of others in a time when treason was almost a buzzword. Today we sat down to a feisty curried lunch after he recounted the details of some of those proceedings; and the strategic mindset of his senior, Maulvi Cachalia, during the freedom struggle. But the moments I found to be most profound of these recollections, would have to be the close to thirty years spent in jail; and the criminal record for life, that disallows entry into a country like Canada.

The archives of memory and history twist with far more complexity than nature's vast DNA, and yet they need to be unraveled...
Ideals still need to be purveyed and protected; hope still gleams for many in an effort to not succumb to despair; and the quest for survival still a more than valiant struggle that keeps us in the depths of the quandary, hard at work.

But then there's that cloud of depravity; the winds of apathy churning sandstorms around us, blinding.. misleading... and allowing only thuggery to show its face.

About those ideals... What were they again? All evidence lost that there were men of steely character who fought in blood and sweat and tears and more blood. Ruling party or not, politics is a strange-ish game of umbrella morals and scattered corruption beyond the reach of the greater scope of an organisation.

Will the Emperor be found unclothed? Whats the vote?


Azra said...

Ha! You sound like you're having the best time and I'm all shades of gren with envy...this blog template is evidence of that :D

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Lol... awww come off it, honey! You're the one with real estate in the prOmised Land :P

check ur template for my green too ;)

im outta town a few days; when i get bk lets do something!

greengeisha said...

the Emperor's new clothes tend to be funded by greasy palms greasing more palms and greedy palms being happy with more grease


The Organ Harvester said...

Well you know how i feel about this civilised government. Too many hangers on in the new dispensation bargaining the blood of our liberators for a new m-class. The emperor's not only naked but has a hard on.

KimyaShafinaaz said...