Saturday, April 04, 2009

fancy schmansy masquerade

Last night was far more of a jol than I imagined it would be. My brother's dear friend Jehanzeb 'Jzee' Bashir is getting married tonight. So we attended a fancy dress party last night in honour of wedding crowd events and such things. Grosvenor hall in Mayfair was turned into a mini gaming zone; yea it felt like you were in one of those arcade games with lots of characters flying and floating around. About a dozen or so people fluttered past making us feel like we were seated in the midst of a paintball venue, shooting at each other with life-like water-pistols, water-rifles (some in full army gear): few were recognisable especially because of the awesome disguises that they had played with. And the make-up art was divine, of course! A Spanish Princess accompanied her Matador partner; some princesses and fairies and elves dotted the place, and I played drama queen to the shade of pink alongside my sister-in-law in red she-devil regalia, her sister in pale white crowned princessy-ness, my brother as a London 'Bobby' policeman, cousin as a erm something... fancy-ish... and groom-to-be as a ruffian-come-jester-come-rap artiste. He got messed with water, flour and choice things that needed a few changes of clothes just like in some Bollywood song sequences. Somewhat surreal, mostly tonnes of fun... altogether feelgood. Here's wishing the new couple the best that life has to offer, grand dreams and choice health in the many years ahead, iA!

I still have spurts of party 'high' in my bloodstream. 100% natural. No additives. Pics aplenty. Some to follow.

Love and Mwahs,

The Drama Queen ;)



Anonymous said...

and you said you dont show the energy and you envy mine.. woman this is energy and it poured out when i thought it would stop.
blessed be the matrimony and blessed be the lives that are connected with it :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

:) tnks seher! lol

nothing like some quality feel good time with precious people, to make the energy flow like a river again :)))

when are u coming to visit us?!

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Awesome getup your highness:)
Congrats to JZee, he was friends with some of the girls I used to stay with. Stellar chap, wishing him only the best:)

Anonymous said...

when i think my hubby comes along to marry me :D

but on a serious note I love the pics.

Anonymous said...

so awesome man! :D

Azra said...

How cool is that! :D

I'd so be the drama queen too...or Spanish Princess...sounds awesome Shafs. I love playing dressup. Glad you had a great time :D

KiLLa said...

And now..

What happened to Poison Ivy..

KimyaShafinaaz said...

@ saals: yeah he be quite a popular dude that :) u like my gear? twas fun being it; havnt done that in ages!

@ seher: *me sings: somedayyyy her prince will come!* lol. mwah! thanks.

@ mangoes and mint: i LOVE ur nick. its sooooo tasty and tasteful and nice fresh and sweet and stuff. thanks for stopping by :) yea it was lotsa fun!

@ azra: i loved playing dress-up. i used to as a kid, but its been ages ages ages...

@ kiLLa: thanks for the awesome idea mister mo... i couldnt get the stuff together in limited time so i improvised. twas fun tho :) lots and lots and lots.... n i suspect that pink brings out a different, rather dramatic side in me.