Thursday, April 16, 2009

on sheep and sleep

Of course I know that He has this Plan

and so I wade through the thick of it all

even in that moment of

an unavoidable sense of de ja vu

But then there's moments when I think

Let this be just a little different;

You know...

Seeing as it looks like

all my prayers

are being answered in one divine sweep!

Just a hint of something different;

a deviation from that pattern that drives me bonkers, almost!

And then it strikes:

that element of over-thinking things.


And in one Whoosh!

its all a chaotic

sludge of something

a bit dramatic.

Drama is good.

But not if you're trying

to get some


As it is I rarely


on flight.

Sigh. So there's some catching up to do.


Maybe I should be doing grander things,

like counting sheep.



Anonymous said...

you make me moan, you make me groan, in the end of it all, i have got to say, woman give me more!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lol LOL LOL @ seher!!!!!!!

erm. this was jus simple contemplation. or maybe not simple. iwas kinda trying to unravel a ball of yarn. twas making me sneeze and i was trying to get some sleep. apparently i have wool allergies. sometimes. :P

Anonymous said...

and hence my tummy ache has a reason now!

can you sleep now?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

most certainly :)

iv been partying all wknd at cousins wedding and accompanying festivities... sleep soOo awaits me now :P