Friday, April 10, 2009

thriving on chaos

Thats what my dad just said about an hour ago when we were trundling past exhaust fumes that looked more solid than the rickshaws we were in. This is a city that thrives on chaos. He said it with a mixture of elation and concern. More of the former, knowing him. And so it is, Mumbai, a city on speed unlike any other; but really a mixed metaphor for so many lives trying just to survive in whatever which way. A throng of humanity that craves like a hungry child and then swallows you whole in a way that belies that felt innocence. A city of so many hues, its almost blinding to the naive eye.

It's almost 1am... Exec lounge closes in a bit...
Lets do this ramble later, okay/?

Ciao for now



Anonymous said...

ahhh so we get an update...
how much of it is outside chaos?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

outside chaos, nothing exists. there is no life beyond chaos :)

hiiiiiii seher ;)