Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I met a woman who makes moleskins for a living. What an amazing way to celebrate words, I thought. And the recording of history, of course. But it's to be appreciated that this is a craft of scarcity; and more importantly, the most seasoned artisans are a rare breed.

We feel life in texture. So whether the words we read are made tangible in their way of evoking emotion, or whether it is that life grazes and grabs a hold of you, enticing you to in turn hold on tightly, we are meant to be aware of it's every moment.
Armchair travel rules the world. I believe that, firmly. Via kindle or good-ol-fashioned print runs that leave their ink on your fingers and your mind; the written word will forever stretch out into the Soul of the world and inspire in us things we may never dream of, even.

It's in wanting to feel life that life is felt out for us.

I am threading along with my beads of choice and happy to see the precious moments adding up to a worthy adornment. Life can be pretty thrilling, in it's ordinariness if we just take the time to stand back and admire it :)



AD said...

"It's in wanting to feel life that life is felt out for us."

yaar you just make me stop whatever crap it is i m doing and get on with the most important thing to do.. LIVE

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome job! :D

I love moleskins :)

I feel the same way about reading and books.
No movie can beat it.
Just the feel of a good book in your hands with some honey-infused rooibos tea...aaaaah

KimyaShafinaaz said...


some words reveal themselves to me as i put pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keyboard... glad u like 'em... words like that come through us,and not from us, anyway :)

fatima... yea! the feel, the love, the awesomeness of TEXT and texture! in this case i dnt even have the words to describe it, so i kept it short n sweetish ;)
whens ur female blog meet again? i have yet to meet you, lady!

Azra said...

I wish I had the luxury of reading luxuriously...heres to squajillionaire wishes and librarian dreams :P

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hear hear :P

i believe that we read the books that are meant to come to us... well they come to us, but then do we actually read them. sigh. i forgot what i was on about here... heres to sqUajillions, azra!

shabz said...

I love the diary :) anyway last week someone was telling me about the daily miracles we fail to see in our daily rush. check out a poem called 'fueled' :)