Saturday, September 19, 2009

Revelatory moments

Ive not been up to writing much these few days or weeks, and yet there is so much happening at the moment that I would actually like to share as a way of appreciating, and even celebrating these. So, what's been happening? Not all gratingly physical things as such; more a variety of all things revelatory. Of course, the advent of my new book, its sales and the reception it has received in five weeks since it came off the press is celebratory... Memoirs For Kimya is now available in hardcover; a beautiful imprint that fills me with joy; but there's more.

Life's telling me things these days. Revealing all the answers to all the questions that I have collected like an avid sea-shell collector. Years of putting them to the ear to hear nothing; and now the whispers are more than telling. Revelations are in more than words and sounds: they are accompanied by tastes and colours, vivid images that make for quite a gallery of viewing.

There is no time span when gratitude fills your being. I feel this now. Past and present merge into one. The future feels like an unopened gift, gleaming just within reach of eager fingers. Everything is precisely as it should be. There's really no rush. I am no longer the kitten that chases it's tail. I'm the Cheshire cat with cream on her ever-smiling lips.

Absolutely every human being should feel this, just once.
It's the best of both worlds. It really is.

And of course, everything makes total sense. Revelation is momentary and transcendent at the same time. Kind of like spraying rose water into a space and stepping into it to be embraced by it, to breathe it in and then be soaked in it all at once.

Indeed, His favours are undeniable.


Americanising Desi said...

i havent too written anything lately!

gratitude... hmm wonder which cell went missing when that we are so reluctant to do so!

this was a check mate post!

Azra said...

Congrats on the success of your book Miss Shafs. May it continue to reach new heights :)

Hope you're well!

shafinaaz said...

thanks you ladies... two of the most beautiful writers i know just made me smile: AD and Azra!

Much love to the both of you, especially since in a year from now, I would really like to see the both of you publish some writing, because you have more than what it takes!

Peaceful thoughts...

Zahera said...

SubhanAllah- indeed HIS favours are many :-)

Congrats on your book shafs-inshaAllah hope to read it one day soon. May happiness and success come your way always. Ameen.