Sunday, May 02, 2010

Beautiful things; precious moments...

I've been back in Durban almost a fortnight, counting the beauty, the days of good and wondrous encounters, the love of life and the blessing of being around my maternal grandmother. I bask in the sunlight of her spirit. Sitting in her presence is a quenching for my soul. I drink on, satiated.

And then I drink more of her loveliness.

There's a varied peace in this...

I measure my life in milestones. Not timelines, but in connectivity with loved ones, proximity to them. Haji'ani Ma, my maternal grandmother, is my measure for all these things.

I have noted various stages along her life path. A strong and resolute woman, but also a fragile and lovely being. She brought up her two daughters after being widowed at the age of 39. And I was born before her 50th birthday; to her eldest daughter, her first grandchild.
The cream over her milk, as she likes to say of us grandchildren.

She will be 82 this week.

Holding her delicate body in my arms, feels like I'm hugging a dream.
I already know that a part of her is looking onward to higher places.
And a part of her remains here, with us. Counting our successes, sharing our smiles. A haze of the fantastical forever lingers. Reality beeps to the beat of our hearts. Mortality of the body overshadows immortality of spirit, being, a lifetime of dreams realised, hopes dashed, joys shared, loss made visible.

Instead of counting the days, I want to celebrate the precious moments. One at a time.


Americanising Desi said...

i think you ve really understood love like me :) or maybe better - you ll be cherishing the moments and that is absolute fab add to life -


and no i wont show no sadness here!

Yaseen said...


Azra said...

Maternal Grandmothers are the like the ultimate maternal figures in our lives and represent a solid sense of comfort and security. Revel in these moments :D

shafinaaz said...

thanks AD. Hugs to u too! :D

Azra, I believe we take great strength from them. They are a source of Light in so many ways :))))