Wednesday, June 02, 2010


It's really difficult to hand out advice.
Especially when the audience is either really eager about results and solutions; or, it's that your brand of advice is expected to be tailored in a certain way.

And so as I said, really not an enviable post at all.

I wonder if I am as averse to taking advice though.

I got a few rolling themes this past few weeks, and they recurred at an alarming rate and in the least likely places, and to top it all, from some rather unlikely quarters.
Or rather, I met with people I was really not expecting to bump into, from another lifetime ago, shall we say.

You would think I was sitting around with tonnes of time on my hands.
Really, Universe.
What's the game plan?

Big Picture and all that aside. What's the grand deal?

Hmm... I feel a whole new wave of poetry about to unleash itself.
And no, none of it is of the sad, defeated variety or of the love is awesomeness kind.
This is different.
And I need a house on top of a hill somewhere if I am to birth these new ones.
And I hope it isnt too windy either.
I want sunflowers on my doorstep.
And sunshine on my face.
And the sound of water.
And some birds.
And sharp pencils. A whole bunch of them.
I want them to have that freshly sharpened smell.
And I want sheathes of paper, uncut, just rolled out onto a nice sized desk.
And I want vanilla cupcakes with butter icing.
And tea.
I want lots of tea.
That's it.
For now.


Americanising Desi said...

and the grand deal is - i m heart broken!

Americanising Desi said...

the big picture also has me on complete ignore