Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MAQAM, the place where Abraham stood

Dear All

I attended the Johannesburg dinner event that hosted Asmaa Islam, daughter of Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)and hope to share the website with anyone who's interested in reading more about the holistic Maqam centre that the Yusuf Islam Foundation has developed.
Not only do I think this a course worth celebrating and supporting, but that the intention behind it is worth noting for our local landscape; that integration of traditions is important in order to foster learning between the different religions in SA.

Check out:


'The MAQAM will be an exhibition, arts and well-being space, aimed at drawing a balance between the mind, body and spirit. It will serve as a venue where people, regardless of faith or background, can come together to learn about themselves and each other and increase their understanding and enjoyment of Islam’s spiritual, artistic and material contributions.'

Asmaa Islam speaks in Pretoria on Tuesday, 24th, Durban on the 25th and Cape Town on the 27th.
Media Enquiries ( for more information or to arrange to speak with Asmaa) may be directed to Mr Edris Khamissa on 082 825 1991


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