Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Madeeha on Writing...

My niece, Madeeha will be four next month.
Yesterday she asked me, 'So, masi, why did you go to Cape Town?'
'I went to a writer's convention,' I said, watching her in wait for what was certainly to be a volley of questions.
'What's a con-ven-shun?' she asked carefully.
'A place where writers get together and talk about their work. So, I talk about my work, and other writers talk about their work. And we sit around looking at these beautiful mountains surrounding us, and then we feel like writing some more, and so we write!' I said with a big smile, thinking that's probably the best way to describe it to a toddler-type.
'Oh,' she said. A serious look adorned her face. 'Well, you should tell them that I'm a writer, too!' she exclaimed. 'And so I should come to Cape Town with you, the next time they all go there, so I can talk about my work!'
'Uh-huh!' I said. 'You're right. You should!'
And then she smiled. It's a deal. A done deal by the look and sound of it.

I wanted to go to the library when I was four, and so Mum took me. I had my first encounter with Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit, there. Madeeha, wants to go to a writer's convention so that she can talk about her work ;)
I love this little girl!


key: masi - aunt (mother's sister)


Muhammad Wasif Javed said...

Intellectual Writer Masi Ki Intelligent Doll :)
Blessings to you & your family always! This post brought smile to my face :)

Zarina Hassem said...

That's so cute! A genius writer in the making!

shafinaaz said...

@Wasif, thanks dude :) Glad this made you smile, you've been really serious of late! xxx

@Zarina, sometimes the things she says really stop me in my tracks!!!
Ah, I think she will write, too! And she will top anything I do by about ten or twenty times in greatness! ;)