Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roundabout 2011

This is the best time of the year, even though it's not quite over, it's nearing completion and so there's plenty inspiration for reflection of what's happened, the promise for the year ahead to take a leap off this one, and the current that carries me through the few weeks to the end. The waterfall of writing that awaits come December/January. It's also the first week of Zil Haj. There are incredibly powerful, wistful memories tied to these days of the trip I made with my parents and siblings in 2005.

Hajj was Rumi-esque, reflective, soulful, cohesive for us and a wholesome, contemplative experience.
Hajj was an expansion of soul, heart, spirit, mind.
Hajj is as no other journey has ever been.

And every year seems to have it's own set of trumps, triumphs and setbacks for whatever reason. But the progress is always undeniably forward and upward with faces touched by sunshine.

It's been a roundabout year all-in-all, but what an exhilarating one indeed!

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