Thursday, December 29, 2011

You be the judge

We make easy judgements of our peers and loved ones, little realizing that many a time, the inference is to ourselves. Every judgmental thought and comment is a mirror held up to ourselves. Maybe not in the exact form, but pretty much the same anyway. And if soul clusters are anything to go by, then there's really no coincidence as to why you're in that space to begin with. Recognize the mirror! Pay attention to what it reveals ... I'm grappling with all the info in front of me as I attempt to make sense of the year that was. I'm refecting on the situations that I have had the temerity, pleasure, and odessity to encounter. I'm struggling with the challenges that I have clashed with, celebrating the adventures that I have dived into. What was the purpose of often frivolous activity, pushing for results, measuring outcomes? I'm also immensely grateful for the people that life has allowed me to cross paths with along the course of this year in particular. And also of the many reminders of how time as we package it in stubborn hours, weeks and years is beyond such measures. Past meets present in a back to the future kind of way. And there is no coincidence. It all makes perfect sense. Back to front. And looking ahead. I'm looking forward to newness yet again. 2012, here's to another great one ahead.

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