Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catching up

This is a certain record for me: over three months since I blogged here. I blame it on the immediacy and quick access, bite size content demand of twitter and Facebook. And the fact that much has happened, despite the freezing winter.

I've just begun the undergrad course at Sociology, linking social media studies to the globalization component and will figure out whether this is to be tedious conceptual material spoon fed to students or a way to bring context alive. If I am to live through most of it, I'm betting on the latter!

I have managed to arrange 'hunting' parking as is reserved for staffers. That's the good news. That and the fact that my lecture hall is decked with the latest equipment, makes me feel all warm and not too fuzzy.

True elation stems from the fact that my long-awaited novel, SoPhia, will be launched in a few weeks. I began writing the manuscript as a spin off from research undertakings in 'Daughters are Diamonds' (2007) and it was originally titled: 'The Silence of a Hundred Tongues'. The new title focusses on the transformation experienced by the characters, rather than the voicelessness highlighted by the former, in reference to the theme of domestic violence.

And so. We await the debates and dialogue that will no doubt come of launches, reviews, and reads.

Perhaps I shall blog more about these over the rest of the year!

Much love,

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