Friday, October 21, 2005

on vanity

vanity is a curse without measure...

if we enjoy praise, we can be easily hurt by defamation.

may this month free us from the chains of the lower self.



Charismatic Soul said...

PO, nice post, true words.

Ameen to that.

Bilal said...

Nice blog- thanks for visiting mine! Im dying for healthy controversial dialouge! Think I may have found some at

kimya said...

hey chari

so nice to see u visitin myside..
i been in hibernation for a bit. One armed robbery at our workplace and death of a friend in a car crash oct 22 and 23 kept me in hiding.. resurfaced. Nice to see some friendly faces. Hope u & ur Mr D are good!! ;)

kimya said...

salaam bilal..

another nice surprise..
healthy debates enuff to keep us sane or insane? whichever works:P
gonna check out ur recommendation!