Saturday, November 12, 2005

Changing Perspectives

changing perspectives.. so many things happened and unhappened over the last few weeks..

in the work environment.. structure and systems in place usually mean efficiency is guaranteed.. or easier achieved.. except when things go badly wrong. unpredictable things. or predictable. depending entirely on how one views control and lack of control. and letting go. and trusting the Will of Divine. and stuff.

and death. and ending. and beginnings. all over again. of material and non matters.

i know that this is me just rambling on about nothing much. but its therapeutic. so what the heck! it works. better than anything else i can think of right about now.

Ramadaan. Eid. 2005. All over. Onto newer things. Not much preparation time allowed. Just hampsters on the wheel. Running to keep on track. The race of time making sordid fools of us.
No doubt.

Kaleidoscopic perspectives changing with the light and shadows passing in front of our eyes.. turning my mind,,twisting my sanity.. taunting and teasing and tempting and testing.

Resurfaced as i have.. a survivor once again.


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