Friday, November 18, 2005

cOuNtiNg on tiMe

spoke to Best Friend jus now. its her birfdayyyyy. and i knew she wouldn't be having the most spectacular day considering all things said and suffered over the last year. marriage and divorce and dissappointments and tears and fears. and society. no matter how we try to diffuse the judgements prevail. anywayz, i plan on partying all weekend to rid the blues so to speak. we could both do with some major unwinding. jus gotta finish the painting i;m making for her b4 i see her. which is tomorrow. me thinks she might just like it. and nothing like a weekend of fun shopping pampering and feel good stuff to get some good girl-time together!

and all that while forgetting the scars that time has branded so lavishly on us.


Charismatic Soul said...


Happy B'day to your friend, hope you enjoy your time, and good that you planned it with the intentions of forgetting the scars, i loved that part.

PS. didnt know you paint, you must be very good at it :)

Bilal said...


Life has its ups & downs- but whenever i hit a low, i think bout those who have it much worse- and they are many all around us...

You seem like the type who would like to help people- planning a trip to Kashmir in Dec to assist with relief efforts- you may know others who are interested and available... leme noe plz...

kimya said...

hey chari.. birthday weekend was gr8..unwinding quality time.. for once we actually didnt go out!! we usually make it a point of gettin out but this time we sat and chatted and stuff.. are we realllly gettin old? i dunno.. but it was perfect. and we didnt mope or complain..we really truly celebrated the good in our lives! and yes theres a lot to be greatful for! alhamdulillah.

bilal? hey there! that sounds gr8..trip to kashmir! i will spread the word, i might not make it though.. planning to go for Haj with my parents inshAllah.

oh and yes, i paInts:) if thats wat u can call it :P
oils,acrylics, pastels, charcoal..
helps me unwind.. u shud try it2!!