Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Pilgrim

The idea of preparing for the Hajj has turned into a mental and emotional preparation of sorts. I have heard many people say that pigrimage is wasted on young people..that it should be undertaken only after perhaps ur thirties even. So then twenty-sumthing is a bad age? I know that many times when the discussion of Hajj has come up, its been put aside as something far away.. to do. one day. But it feels not so difficult to think of doing right now. Not so far away. IA.

Except of course for one or two reservations..
Especially.. the having to wear the purdah. Now theres my one major difficulty. I dont undertake to make sense of the purdah with incredible grace. As a personal choice: a non-choice.
Thats another side to the mental prep. Beside the spiritual alignments and life choices and making peace with everyone including, and especially myself. The questions and ramblings continue...


Charismatic Soul said...

Hajj should be taken when an individual is ready finacially, it has nohing to do with age except that hey should be adults of course.

I know that the preparations might be difficul, but its something that you benefit from spiritually inspite of it being a fard of course.

I havent been to hajj, but i have been to Omrah, and i have to admit that when i was standing infront of the Kaaba,my tears would just not stop, its an amazing feeling, i pray god that i would be able to go for Hajj soon Isa.

God bless you Kim, hope all goes well and may god accept your hajj and dont forget us in your prayers while you're there!!

kimya said...

THnks for the kind message, charisma! I have been for Umrah as well and yes the experience was amazing.. But the anticipation and anxiety that i feel while i prepare for my Hajj is so different! May God answer your prayer and invite you to also make your Hajj as soon as possible! IA!
Take care, my soul friend!