Saturday, November 12, 2005

forever and ever?

i had this thought.. planning is a shortsighted thing.. a controlling neurotic thing.. an assumption that we know.. ok so lets take blogging for example.

not all that important in the greater scheme of things. lots of data kinda floating about in cyberspace. peoples thoughts and rants and raves about this and thats. some good. some ugly. some seriously psychotic! and some insanely beautiful words and emotions filtered out to be shared with the greater readership. to be cherished or disregarded or never seen even. mostly largely anonymous. so a greater freedom almost guaranteed for the catharsis to be engaged in


ok my point of thought?

so what happens if i breathe my last tonite. people think:
what about my kids, my cats, my goldfish and my extensive estate of property near the local nuclear dump sites and useless-to-the-grave gold stash?/

and i say, what happens to this blog? ur blog. my blog. just gets lost in oblivion. cyber-oblivion.
where it belongs. anonymous. sad. for none to know. and none to keep. forever. and never.
ever again.

so much permanence. a delusion.
just enough non-permanence. a reality.

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