Friday, January 27, 2006

perfect circles

Perfect circles surround me.
Circling and surrounding. Encircling. Swirling.
In perfect symphony.
As is Love. Perfect. Complete.
Encircling and enjoining.
All that is good.
Following and being followed.
Turning. And turning. Whirling. In ecstacy. In remembrance. In Love.
Turning. Circling. Being circled.
Overwhelming and being overwhelmed.
Emotions circling me. Surrounding me. Making my head spin. Turning. Whirling.
Spinning out of control. My control.
Surrender. Surrendering complete Trust in the Love.
For the Love and Pleasure of the One Beloved.

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kimya said...

hey all:)

i have been asked by friends,via email, who have read this poem whether this is a love poem written by a girl in love..
lol.well, it is.. this poem is about the ritual of tawaaf, undertaken at various stages of the Hajj..a circumbulation of the Holy Kaaba at Mecca. And it is performed with extreme humility and love, in a perfect circle, as is love..even mystic poets often refer to the circumbulation of the moth around a flame.