Thursday, February 09, 2006

TwIsTeD gLoRiEs

A twisted glory, this existence...
Winning some, and losing some.
Gaining tiny victories over mind and soul;
Losing little measures of sanity, in reality.
The truth a bleak one, considering the
flawed opportunities laid out before my eyes.
A mangled painting.
Watery colour draining off the canvas in ridiculous streaks.
Traumatic flashes of memory on a rainy day.
Turmoil and tenacity.
Transforming my once perfect view into a blurry picture of confusion.
A melting pot of emotions drowning me.
Overwhelming me. Consuming me. In a single flame.
Burning what was. Memories. Moments.
Remnants no longer left to tease or to torment.
Clawing uselessly at my soul.
To no avail.
Theres nothing left.
Where once grew violets, are now simple grasses.
A single sunflower...
And roses made to order.


Nemo27 said...

Very nice piece... quite appropriate for Valentine's day.. reminds me of.... PURPLE ROSES...


kimya said...


its not a valentine, actually..

its about keepin myself free of stuff :P