Wednesday, March 08, 2006


toasty. iv been sitting at this canvas for weeks now. circles. a round stretched canvas taking me in circles with its racing colours flashing creatively and i would say, rather mischievously daring me to find a semblance of completion. or not. *sigh*
i think i rather enjoy the beauty and intrigue of the unsuccessful encounter with some of my more trying works. imperfections gleeming proudly in the sun. waiting for my camera to fashion their one-dimensionality. more dimensions making their way into my subconscience as i work a reference to my real life. the marshmallows that make everyday a delight to reckon with. the little moments i can take aside and smile on. tensions discarded. keeping and upsetting the balance. in equal measure. spilling the milk carton. cleopatras regiment of beauty dispelled. innovations lost and normality retained.
thank you..
i'm found!

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