Sunday, July 30, 2006

Salaam Namaste!

Being in India awakens something in me.. An indian soul, perhaps. A place of warmth. A sense of adventure. A spark of the exotic. And a moment of wonder. Ever the romantic?
Delhi was a thrill! An absolute booklovers paradise! The weathers been a bit hot and humid, but the breeze has done much to make up an aura of pleasantness. I feel embraced rather than restless by such a friendly climate:) I can best describe this ancient city of many newer facades as a place of immense flavour..the ideal mix of old and new, ancient nobility and modern pride.
But Mumbai-meri-Jaan! Lol. I have Mumbai in my veins.. like a spurge of adrenalin! I just arrived a short two hours or so, ago.. and its raining incessantly, turning this ever-vibrant, buzzing mass of movement into a water-color masterpiece! But its home to a sinister place in my soul! Its home to something adventurous that moves deep within my being..
Many might think me a naive and silly romantic to what seems like over-glamourization of this city. Mumbai's population heaves a great weight on the barely existing infrastructure.. Polluted by traffic, noise, over-population,dirt, stuff and more stuff.. this is unlike any famed city in the western world. But. Its rich pallette and its exotic soul can appeal to anyones sense of the sacred and the profane. This is Mumbai. And many things more. I am forever mesmerized!


saaleha said...

India is divine.
I cant wait to make a return trip.
Looking forward to further postings.

kimya said...

im convinced i was the maharajas daughter in another lifetime! lol.. do urself a favour on ur return trip/ be sure to visit during the water-color wonder season of mOnsoons!

zee said...

u know - everyone it seemed loved india besides me!

i'm not really sure why? i was 17 wen i went - maybe i just wasnt ready for a spiritual and cultural trip. maybe. who knows.

all i know, is that is not the first place to go to on my to do list - but i will have to go again to experience what i did not.

Bilal said...

chai doh

kimya said...

zee.. u cant escape it, kiddo! lol.. theres that something that draws u back there, like it or not! something too deep for ur conscious mind to grasp..
sounds ominous, hmm? oh well.. :P
my first trip to india was in 1994.. or somewhat thereabouts..and i was in tears when i got off that flite! but then i got addicted to all i experienced and i keep going back for more of that adrenalin stuff!
Bilal? translate that please? lol.