Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stumbling with confidence

I just read this a short while ago on an onflight magazine:- The advertisement for some or other stylist depicts a woman in a stunning red evening gown, tripping over an obstacle on the paved walkway...
" Unfortunately, the world is not a scrubbed catwalk designed just for you.
Losing your balance and falling once in a while is only natural.
But that doesnt mean you have to lose your dignity, too.
The next time you trip on a poorly laid paving stone (and you will) make it a sight worth watching.
Keep your cool. Dont fight gravity, embrace it.
Stagger with grace. Stumble with confidence. Fall with style.
And remember, even as your face goes thwack! on the sidewalk,
you'll know its going to be a very happy sidewalk!"
And boy! do I know i,v made some sidewalks happy in my life! lol. such is life.. what to do!


zee said...

lol. i agree. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THAT

kimya said...


Anonymous said...

that quote is personified in my SISTER and her son. they somehow manage to stumble with confidence...all the time.
must be in the genes...yet it skipped me!

Lady said...

wooohooo! i like this post :)
Kinda just jumps out and whacks u over the head :P
Was stuck smiles at
'don't fight gravity, embrace it'