Monday, August 28, 2006

Meeting Da Vinci

A rather interesting thing happened to me this weekend past...
I met Da Vinci. This was no ordinary meeting. You see, I was visiting Lisa.. You know, Mona Lisa? RIght. And over a cup of tea, I might have spilt something untoward over the canvas (clumsy me). And before i knew it.. there was an image of the master, mock exasperation evident in facial expression.. politely asking me to stand aside while a restoration could be done.
I sat in patient and wide-eyed silence. Beside Mona Lisa, that is. While Da Vinci worked magic on me. :P
Da Vinci, incarnate, is a dear friend of mine. More appropriately, I shall call her Lady Da Vinci.
She is an immensely talented artist. And a charming magician. In no uncertain terms. And to a world of mesmerized models, brides and photographers, she is a professional make-up artist. A perfectly innocent visit, meant for us to catch up on things past and present, turned into an experiment, with me as canvas. It must take a more than steady talent to manouver a rather giggling canvas.. I can only imagine! My white-washed stretched canvas's used for dabbling with oil paints and the like, are usually well behaved and static. But the obvious glee on Ms Da Vinci's face told me that my sqirming antics weren't going to make much of a difference to her art. I resigned myself to a more quiet, slightly behaved disposition. Took a moment to reflect.
While I am used to facing the canvas armed with my repetoire of colours and brushes; being the canvas is an entirely different experience.. with nothing to do but place my hands on my lap, I could choose to feel pampered, or vulnerable. Perhaps a tinge of both.
The result? Tomcat to Diva in fifteen minutes. Lol. Dad didnt notice. Hmm, 'cept for something about the eyes, he enquired. New contact lenses, Kim? Little Brother chose the "camouflage is good in times of war" :P and my sweet dear brother-in-law, ever the charmer! decided the eyes were Latino, and the rest a bit Italiano. MamMa-mIa! Lol. What worked for me, was that most of the deal was subtle, with the emphasis on a smouldering eyes look. And, most importantly, I got to meet Da Vinci in the flesh! Bad news, is that Mona Lisa's smile seems to have faded a bit since then :P
See you at the new opening of The Louvre in Paris, Mish Da Vinci will be signing autographs :)


zee said...

ooooo i know who u talking bout ;)

kimya said...


reallly ey?

i just heard lady da vinci's verdict over the fone two minutes ago.. giggles..