Monday, September 11, 2006

The BaObAb Persona

Oh House of Derision.
You are strength and weakness;
Climbing towards the blue sky with mock effort,
Your spindly branches do nothing more than imitate
The grandiose Medusa.
Steadied by a widened neck that feeds off time,
Your slaughter would reveal numerous rings
To tell what tale?

Were you to raise your boughs to the Heavens
And accept your lot in thanks to Him,
Your straggly image of embittered clawing appendages
Might yet have chance to find a sort of glory-
Have you no shame?
Standing there all firm and stubborn in your comfort zone,
How dare you not seek to risk a better life?!
Your reasons to offend and be offended carry no water.
Be grateful, I say!
Raise them upward in thanks to the Ever-Bountiful
And then see your mirrored Beauty revealed in the image of the Moon.

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