Saturday, September 30, 2006

CiRcLeS in the SaNd

Fingers dragging in the sand,
tracing circles all around me..
Painted sunsets and skye blue waters of the ocean,
reflecting the elements in my eyes,
fire and water, fears and tears..
overwhelming me, promising a drowning - if i so wish..
I am still watching from my shaded spot on the sand,
mesmerized as the teasing tide comes in,
recedes again and returns, smiling knowingly;
fingers still tracing absentmindedly,
this line in the sand..
around me.. around you.. and in between..
planted seeds of devotion growing a vine,
trapping me with its sweet scent,
these circles now spinning around me,
spinning me around,
making me dizzy..
overwhelming me, drowning me.


Bilal said...

dizzy with devotion- i like that.

kimya said...

intoXication comes in many hUes to brighten our ways of experiencing life :) so if it is deVotion that makes one diZzy, then it most certainly must be fueLed by inspiration from the Source of Divinity! May the Almighty inspire in us a capacity for such a DiZzyinG DevOtion :))

mish said...

"dizzying devotion"- provides a sense of solace that we crave...i think so anyway ;)

Bilal said...

Ameen to your prayer.
we often seem devoid of devotion- yet its so within our reach...

*its a year [+/-] now since i first commented on your blog*

kimya said...

im diZzy with the thought of so much contemplation :)

the thing about interpretation of any form of art, be it written expression, painted or verbalised poetry, is the many ways of seeing that it encourages from its audience..

needless to say, its enjoyable..

Bilal: A year, u say? U have a birthday calendar for blogging??:P
Thats so cute! Another reason to celebrate, then! I was gonna say, YaY, I have a regular fan-reader, but the truth is I more than enjOy ur blog, too ;) Keep well.

Anonymous said...

sounds confused, no?

Bilal said...

no, dont have a birthday calendar for blogging- just remember the good stuff i read:)

kimya said...

Anon: confused? no, not really.. its all in my head somewhere..a surreal string of words presented to me by a breeze of whispers on the wind..

Bilal: Thnx :)

zee said...

kim you're a natural! wow, this is awesome!

my favourite part...dizzy wit devotion. that's so cool:)

kimya said...

thank you wise one..
a compliment from the elusive master of words :P

but dizzying devotion is an interpretation, not necessarily the intended meaning :)