Thursday, September 28, 2006

BaG the TaG

Okay.. I give in... I have been tagged by Zee, but since bargaining is everything!!! I have a proposition. Willing and agreeable votes are more than welcome! Of the bunch of us that have been tagged, and for every song listed as per Tag-Zee, Zee will have to forfeit one ciGGie :))
So now we're tagged to a good and wholesome anti-smoking campaign!

This from the Fans of Zee Club.


Dotted Line...
Blah Blah.

And now for the seVen nominationsss

1. World Hold On - Bob Sinclair
2. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
3. They - Finally Woken - Jem :P
4. Song for a Winters Night - Sarah McLachlan feat. Jewel
5. Goo goo dolls - Here is Gone.
6. Natalie Imbruglia - Beauty on the Fire.
7. Heaven - DJ Sammy

These are literally the last seven songs that i can remember listening to in the last coupla days or so. Oh and the other day in the car with a friend, we discovered an old CD with Snow's Lady with the Red Dress On. And No Doubts' Dont Speak. Annd Trains Drops of Jupiter!!! And can anyone remember who sang What if God was one of Us? Hmm.. Oh yeah and the Pretty Woman soundtrack!!! Roy Orbison. And and and...


kimya said...

im done bagging the tag but now im listening to another old time long lost favourite!!! Leigh Nash, I Need to be Next to You..

Btw, was i meant to taG more ppl into this foray???
I tag Dreamlife, Faaiq, Mish, Bilal, annnd awaiting some new arrivals :)

kimya said...

generally this would be good news, right: Zee informs me that his stopped smoking a month ago!


Very proud of you kiddO!

Now for a new negotiation...

zee said...

no no no u got me wrong kim:)

I DO NOT smoke.

but admittedly I hav had the occassional pull (rare event) and dat makes it a big difference. but even that habit I've stopped;)

so u can't really call it quitting cause its not sumtim I crave:)

buuuuut onto a different topic

u have n interestin mix o songs der...da one dat stands out is heaven cause it soooo does not fit wit your selection o other nusic...u no ito of genre n stuff. But we not here to analyse stuff n hence I gotta say....I LOVE DA SELECTION :)

Ruby :) said...

i was gonna say: i didnt know zee smoked.. and then i read his second comment.. so, good on you zee...
As for the song "if god was one of us" my sources say its Joan Osbourne!!! (not sure though)

good selection Kimya !!!

saaleha said...

really neat mix of stuff :)

kimya said...

lol..ooPs. is thAt wat you were trying to tell me. siGh.. i was too busy fiXating on how wroNg i was to realise wat u were saying.. although there seems to be some sort of continuum between smOKer vs non-smOker :P

as in for e.g. someone whose never taken a conscious puff in their lives is a NON smoker :)

mY apologies sUper Zee !!!
As for the music, seven songs cant quite define a persons taste, so i spose ud get the odd stand out in a small listed crowd :)

RubY-in-LoVe: Thank you X 2

kimya said...

hey saals with the memorable pen :)

thnx u

zee said...

lol, no need to apologise kim...I kinda like all the attention

*zee is so vain*


kimya said...

sUper Zee.. VaiN? no way :P

mish said...

hey kim! my brother's usually pass on music they think i enjoy, the songs below are from my last cd, except no1 ;-)

1) malcolm mclaren - aria on air
2) snow patrol - chasing cars
3) nickleback - far away
4) live - one of the latest singles (can't remember the title ;)
5) sandi thom - i wish i was a punk rocker
6) orson - no tomorrow
7) jack johnson - upside down

mish said...

i forgot about goo goo dolls - stay with you